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Week Nine/ March 6:


"But I've got nothing to hide" - Surveillance and Media Culture


Guest Lecture: Stéfy McKnight, Media Artist and MA Cultural Studies, Queen's University. 



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Screening: Closed Circuit, dir. John Crowley, writer Steven Knight, (2013) USA. Trailer.




























Supplementary Readings:


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Screening clips: 














Enemy of the State, dir. by Tony Scott, Writer David Marconi, (1998) USA.



















Citizenfour, dir. by Laura Poitras, (2104) USA.





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Wafaa Bilal. 2007. The Paintball Project performance, FlatFile Gallery, Chicago.  


Trevor Paglen. 2015. Photographs of  National Security Administration(NSA) sites. 


Jill Magid. 2004. Evidence Locker.


Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins. 2010. Google. 



Stéphanie McKnight (Stéfy) is a Kingston Ontario based artist. She began her career as a visual artist while undergoing a BFA at Nipissing University in North Bay, Ontario. Interested in how cultural objects and productions  produce knowledge and interaction, her research focuses on gender performativity, privacy, media, surveillance post 9/11 and Edward Snowden revelations. Stéfy’s primary artistic medium is installation art in forms of site specific, video; experimental photography, performance and found objects. Stéfy has recently exhibited work at the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning, OCAD University, WKP Kennedy Gallery and White Water Gallery in North Bay and the Isabel Bader Centre for the Performing Arts. In 2015 her work Coded, I Am was shortlisted for the Queen’s University Research Photo Contest. Stéfy is currently a MA candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen's University. 


e: stefy.mcknight at



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