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On Mondays (2:30-5:30pm) you must attend all lectures and screenings. I will usually begin the screenings with a brief introduction to the film/theme to be covered that week. Please arrive on time as late arrivals interrupt classes and screenings. This course addresses some controversial topics. While it is not necessary to agree with any particular view, it is essential that you understand and correctly summarize the main ideas of directors and related readings.

The course depends upon your preparedness, so please be sure to read carefully and be ready with questions and points of interest. If you have any suggestions, complaints, questions, etc., please do not hesitate to discuss them with the instructor or the Teaching Assistant.


Please note that, according to standard policy for this course, the use of laptops, cellphones or other electronic devices will not be allowed during the screenings of films nor student presentations.


Ensure you have signed the Attendance Sheet distributed by the Teaching Assistant at every class. If you are late, it is your responsibility to meet the TA and sign the attendance sheet at the end of class.

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