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Final Project


Alternative Media Visions in your Community  - A project proposal            


Due Tuesday, April 18 - paper copy only


Your final project is a 5-page written proposal and 3-pages of visual supporting material for a media arts project that speculates visionary alternatives to existing realities in our communities. You may work by yourself or with one other partner (sixteen (16)-pages if with a partner). The formal presentation, the style, the integration of the written and visual elements is very important for this project.


Your project may consider any genre within the media arts, for example: 

  • video (single or multiple channel)

  • site-specific installation

  • social media intervention

  • new interactive web design

  • photo-bombing

  • culture jamming

  • google glasses

  • virtual reality

  • artist community talk

  • billboard messages

  • new forms of advertising

  • or visionary essay, and more.


Your proposed project must include a significant visual or sound component; it may incorporate documentary, fictional, experimental or activist forms.


The focus of your ‘alternative' or 'speculative vision’ media arts project can be as specific as a personal intervention into a community issue or as broad as co-working with a campus or community group. Choose a focus topic that you have a personal interest and/or commitment to.


The criteria for this assignment's evaluation are the following:


  • 20% an artist's statement outlining a futuristic themed media arts project - speculative and original, not the normal paradigm and thinking outside the box. Your statement should include the intent and potential goals and outcomes.

  • 20% ability to define a community or social movement and how the media project would impact this community or group. Who are you doing this with and for?

  • 20% describe the steps in the project, the creative process and the relational or dialogical process, that would be required to implement such a community based research creation. How would you do it?

  • 20% an historical overview that places your project in context. Why is this project relevant?

  • 20% the integration of form (style, aesthetics) and content in the 8-page presentation. What does it look like (text & visuals)? 


 This Final Project is 25% of the final grade.

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