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All assignments must be handed in on hardcopy, unless otherwise indicated. Email submissions will not be accepted. All assignment page lengths assume double-spaced typing for the body of the text in 12-point font (preferably Times New Roman), with 1-inch margins top, bottom, and on the sides. Indent paragraphs and do not leave spaces between paragraphs. When handing in assignments for this course, please do not use a cover page. Simply put all the information in your first page header single spaced. Bibliography/citation page uses MLA style and is single spaced.


The Department of Sociology has prepared a thorough Style and Reference Guide for Undergraduate essays. You are strongly recommended to adhere to its advice about writing, particularly the points about thesis statements, wordiness, quotations and assumptions. You are required to follow the bibliographic style and in-text referencing format outlined in the above guide.


As your grades overall are based as much on "form" as on "content," please be sure to see me and/or head over to the Writing Centre if you are having writing troubles.



As for DEADLINES, please read the Department of Film and Media Guidelines. The main point to stress here is that assignments handed in after the deadline will have a grade category deducted for every two days late. For instance, an A will become an A-. Submissions after two weeks of due date for the assignment will not be accepted. Extensions will be granted only in the case of an unforeseeable medical emergency, with a medical certificate or if (i) a student submits a written request for an extension well in advance of the deadline to the instructor and (ii) the Instructor approves the extension in writing. Where no prior or suitable explanation is provided or instructor’s approval for extension given, late assignments will be given a penalty.


Appeals You are welcome to appeal a disappointing mark but only after a 2-day “cooling off” period. 


IMPORTANT:  Because it is possible for essays to get lost, and because questions of authorship sometimes arise, it is imperative that you keep your notes and rough work for an essay EVEN AFTER IT HAS BEEN MARKED AND RETURNED. In addition, neither the instructor nor the Department of Film and Media is responsible for work lost due to postal failure or any other reason, so DO NOT HAND IN, OR MAIL, YOUR ONLY COPY OF AN ASSIGNMENT.  In the event that an assignment is submitted but does not reach your instructor, you will be expected to produce and submit another copy immediately.


ACADEMIC INTEGRITY is constituted by the five core fundamental values of honesty, trust, fairness, respect and responsibility (see These values are central to the building, nurturing and sustaining of an academic community in which all members of the community will thrive. Adherence to the values expressed through academic integrity forms a foundation for the "freedom of inquiry and exchange of ideas" essential to the intellectual life of the University. Students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with the regulations concerning academic integrity and for ensuring that their assignments conform to the principles of academic integrity.  Information on academic integrity is available in the Arts and Science Calendar, on the Arts and Science website (see and from the instructor of this course.  Departures from academic integrity include plagiarism, use of unauthorized materials, facilitation, forgery and falsification, and are antithetical to the development of an academic community at Queen's.  Given the seriousness of these matters; actions which contravene the regulations on academic integrity carry sanctions that can range from a warning or the loss of grades on an assignment to the failure of a course to a requirement to withdraw from the university.


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