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Time and Place



Monday 2:30 to 5:30pm

The Isabel Screening Theatre Rm. 222

Instructor Craig Berggold

email: berggold at


Teaching Assistant Sydney Hart

email: 16sh40 at


Office Hours

Monday 1:00 to 2:15pm

(by email appointment)


Office Location

The Isabel, Rm. 304



The tele-visual events: of the shocking images of a drowned Syrian boy and refugees; the 2015 Canadian election-Niqab controversy; Black Lives Matter and the 2014 Ferguson shooting and; the Arab Spring; the Iraq and Gulf Wars, September 11th, Abu Ghraib; the 2016 USA elections; the information economy and the global financial crisis with austerity cutbacks; reality TV; the sublime destruction of the planet and the promises of its pleasures through tourism and travel. These are just a few stories and events of our contemporary world that indicate the degree to which everyday life is permeated and framed by mass media. Film, video, television, music, smartphones, and, the internet do much more than mediate events or distribute entertainment. As an industry, it also manufactures events as products to be consumed; as a set of institutions, it governs knowledge; as a cultural technology, it forms and transforms perception, as well as social organization. In this course we will study the historical emergence, the social functions, and the theoretical approaches to media in culture and society. 

Great appreciation and thank you to Professor Dr. Susan Lord. 

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