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Precarious Love 

Pocket Desert: confessions of a snakekiller 

Educate Your Attitude: Gay & Lesbian Youth Speak Out! 

Fresh Talk: Youth & Sexuality 

Up To Scratch 



Currently, Craig is a PhD candidate in Cultural Studies at Queen’s University, where he received a SSHRC Doctoral Graduate Scholarship and a Douglas Sheppard Wilson Film Fellowship. Craig teaches media production, cultural studies, art history and labour studies.


He is a Teaching Fellow in the Film and Media Studies Department where he has taught eight courses including:


FILM 336  – Film and Politics

Crossing Borders: Migration and Precarious Work in Globalization


FILM 435 – Culture and Representation

Speculative Fiction: Science Fictions Films and Alternative Social Models


At Queen’s, Craig is also President of Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) Local 901 advocating for 2000 academic workers.


For ten years at Vancouver’s Emily Carr University of Art + Design 

Craig taught over 30 courses on video art, film production and experimental documentary practices.


At Simon Fraser University’s Special Collections Library he is the lead researcher for The Canadian Farmworkers Union Archive Project.


Pocket Desert: confessions of a snake killer, co-directed with

Teresa Marshall, has been broadcast nationally on The Discovery

Channel and recognized with the Ecology Award at the WorldFest Film Festival. Nominated for 12 international awards, including

Best Cinematographer and Best Documentary.


Fresh Talk: Youth & Sexuality was awarded the prestigious Gold Apple Award in Human Sexuality at the National Educational Film Festival, 

the Red Ribbon Award at the American Film Festival, and First Place at National Council of Family Relations, Washington, D.C..


Educate Your Attitude challenges the censorship of young people's emotional experiences with powerful stories that empower peer's to

gain a positive appreciation of their sexuality.


"The Colour of Food" is a historical photo essay of South Asian women farm workers and their union organizing campaigns.


"Canada: Mexico found guilty of blacklisting pro-union migrant workers." 

Craig is a co-founder of the Vancouver MayWorks Festival of Working People and the Arts.


In 2017, he received the Public Service Alliance of Canada-Ontario Activist Award for Outstanding Contribution Protecting Workers' Rights.

... striving to combine a contemporary media arts practice with social justice activism. His award-winning films have been seen on television, festivals, museums and galleries around the world.


© 2017 Craig Berggold

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